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Crash Preventer Model BB4 (Dark Brown)

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Product Description

The BB4 Crash Preventer is a Ready-to-Hang "curtain" of 16 fine nylon monofilament lines, Brackets and Screws included. Dark Brown finish, 48" wide. (122 cm). Height adjusts 0" - 84" (214 cm).


The BB4 Crash Preventer is a "curtain" of 16 monofiliment lines spaced at 3" (7.6 cm) intervals. The lines are strung vertically between two square mrtal tubes. The tubes mount on brackets outside of a window or a sliding-door panel. Two types of brackets (4 of each type) are included, along with mounting screws. One type is a 5" standoff bracket. The other is an "L" bracket (for flush mounting). Instructions explain which type to use for your setting.

It is easy to install. Simply screw 2 brackets above and 2 below the window. The Preventer is packaged with all lines wound around one tube. Place this tube on the two upper brackets so that the lower tube hangs on the lines. Then unroll the upper tube allowing the weight of the lower tube to draw the lines down to the desired window coverage. Place the bottom tube in the 2 lower brackets and adjust for tension.

For occasional window cleaning simply lift the tubes off the brackets and put the Crash Preventer aside temporarily.