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Installation Is Easy

No assembly is required. The Bird Crash Preventer is preassembled and ready to mount. Parts and instructions are included.

The monofilament lines are factory-fastened to the the upper and lower curtain rods and are shipped wound around one rod.  Using provided screws you simply attach two provided brackets above the exterior of a window. Place the rod with the lines wound around it horizontally on the upper brackets and unroll enough line to cover the window.  (See pictures below) You attach two other brackets under the window to hold the lower rod keep the lines taut.

Maximum length is 84" (214 cm) -- which  covers most windows as well as standard sliding glass door side panels. 

Two widths: BB3 (36" - 92cm) and BB4 (48" - 122cm). For extra wide windows mount units side by side.  It's not necessary to cover every square inch of window to prevent bird strikes. For example, you can center a BB4 model (4-feet wide) on a 5-foot wide window, thus leaving 6" (15 cm) gaps on each side.


8' window covered with two 4-foot models mounted side-by-side

Alternative types of brackets are included: 5" stand-off brackets and "L" brackets. It's most effective to leave a space between the lines and the glass.  If your glass is already recessed, as are most sliding door panels, you don't need the 5" brackets and would use the "L" brackets instead. (See Below)






For use on sliding-door ("patio-door") panels this product also includes eye -screws and plastic ties to  attach the lower rod to a wood deck.


Top of Sliding-Door Panel


Bottom Tube on a Sliding-Door Panel -- Attached to Wood Decking

Bird Crash Preventers are available in two colors: Dark Brown (similar to most "bronze" aluminum window sash) and White.